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Prof. Ph.D. Chengshi Zheng

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Research Interests

  • Speech Enhancement
  • Speech Dereverberation
  • Howling Suppression
  • Spectral Estimation
  • Microphone Array Signal Processing


Journal Paper


2014-12 Chengshi Zheng, Renhua Peng, Jian Li, and Xiaodong Li

A Constrained MMSE LP Residual Estimator for Speech Dereverberation in Noisy Environments

     IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 21, no. 12, pp. 1462-1466, 2014



2014-05 Chengshi Zheng, Hefei Yang, and Xiaodong Li

On Generalized Auto-Spectral Coherence Function and Its Applications to Signal Detection

     IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 559-563, 2014



2013-02 Chengshi Zheng, Hao Liu, Renhua Peng, and Xiaodong Li

A statistical analysis of two-channel post-filter estimators in isotropic noise fields

IEEE Transaction on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 336-342, Feb. 2013.



2012-10 Chengshi Zheng

On second-order statistics of log-periodogram and cepstral coefficients for processes with mixed spectra

     Signal Processing, vol. 92, no. 10, pp. 2560-2565, 2012.



2012-08 Chengshi Zheng, and Xiaodong Li

Detection of Multiple Sinusoids in Unknown Colored Noise Using Truncated Cepstrum Thresholding and Local Signal-to-Noise-Ratio

Applied Acoustics, vol. 73, no. 8, pp. 809-816, 2012.



2010-06 Chengshi Zheng, Yi Zhou, and Xiaodong Li

Generalised framework for nonparametric coherence function estimation

Electronics letters, vol. 46, no. 6, pp. 450—452, 2010.



2008-11 Chengshi Zheng, Mingyuan Zhou, and Xiaodong Li

On the relationship of non-parametric methods for coherence function estimation

     Signal Processing, vol. 88, no. 11, pp. 2863–2867, 2008.



Conference Paper


2015-08 Chengshi Zheng, Andreas Schwarz, Walter Kellermann, and Xiaodong Li

Binaural coherent-to-diffuse-ratio estimation for dereverberation using an ITD model

European Signal Processing Conf. (EUSIPCO), Nice, France, Aug.31-Sept.4, 2015.



2014-05 Chengshi Zheng, Yuxuan Ke, Renhua Peng, Xiaodong Li, and Yi Zhou

Statistical analysis of temporal coherence function and its application in howling detection

19th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Hong Kong, China, Aug. 20-23, 2014.



2013-10 Chengshi Zheng, Xiaoliang Chen, Shiwei Wang, Renhua Peng, and Xiaodong Li

Delayless method to suppress transient noise using speech properties and spectral coherence

135th Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES), New York, USA, Oct. 16-20, 2013.



2012-10 Chengshi Zheng, Hao Liu, Renhua Peng, and Xiaodong Li

Temporal coherence-based howling detection for speech applications

133th Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES), New York, USA, Oct. 26-29, 2012.



2011-05 Chengshi Zheng, Yi Zhou, Xiaohu Hu, and Xiaodong Li

Two-Channel Post-Filtering Based on Adaptive Smoothing and Noise Properties

Inter. Conf. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Prague, Czech, May, 22-27, 2011.



2010-08 Chengshi Zheng, Yi Zhou, Xiaohu Hu, and Xiaodong Li

Speech enhancement based on the structure of noise power spectral density

European Signal Processing Conf. (EUSIPCO), Aalborg, Denmark, Aug. 23-27, 2010.